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A Retail Blackbook membership delivers more than just incredible savings and selection. We’re motivated by providing quality customer service, and our members enjoy a suite of services that are unlike anything you’ve experienced before. By combining unbeatable product knowledge, design know-how and customer support, our product-savvy specialists, trusted designers and shopping consultants deliver the right styles for the right price.

Retail Blackbook is Company who provides a new way to purchase home furnishings and products. We are a family-owned business whose main mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing them access to our unlimited supplies of products to make their homes as warm, stylish, and comfortable at the most affordable prices. Our members are allowed access to purchase ALL the same top of line name brand products that you would see in retail stores.

The difference is we offer these products at substantially lower prices. In many cases, the cost will be 50% lower than typical “Sale” prices you see advertisements for on television and in the newspapers. How are we able to do this? Well for starters, we know people. What we mean by that, is we have spent over 20 years building relationships and partnerships with hundreds of sales reps and companies to develop this very unique and exclusive club. We don’t try to make a profit on anything we sell. We earn our money through selling memberships. The prices we offer our members are in essence, the raw wholesale “cost” plus the freight. In addition, we add a small commission percentage to each piece. That is all. This type of purchasing membership is NOT for everyone. We know that many people do not spend money or value the look and feel of their home. For those who do appreciate finer things and designing and decorating their home, welcome home!

Why Retail Blackbook?

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Retail Blackbook offers the BEST Value on same and similar products bar none. There are two ways to pay for new designer, expensive furniture: pay inflated, overpriced retail prices, or pay half that amount by paying wholesale prices.
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Retail Blackbook, upon opening our doors will have over 15,000 different products available. Even though our selection is huge in regard to amount of skus, we’re more proud of the level of quality of the brands we carry.

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Retail Blackbook offers world class service from the first interaction with us thru phone, email or chat – through the selection and ordering and finally through until the delivery and installation – we’ll be here all along the way!

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First Class Products:

Have you ever heard the phrase, if it sounds too good to be true!? It’s almost always true…. but just this once, we promise, it actually is as good as it sounds. Get twice the furniture at half the price.

Membership Info:

A Retail Blackbook exclusive membership allows our clients “access” to insider wholesale prices and the ability to purchase these products at a fraction of what traditional retail furniture stores would charge for the same or similar products.


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Your Shopping Options:

Once grated “Access” to join, there are three ways to make purchases through Retail Blackbook at wholesale prices:


  • Come see us at our fabulous showroom in the beautiful Newport, Mn.
  • Visit our ever daily changing website where we aim to add over 1000 new products for you each month.
  • Contact one of our personal shoppers or in house designers to work with you one on one coordinating your upcoming project.

What more to learn:

  • Hear from existing members
  • See videos about our current members past purchases
  • Understand the value of this membership
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Thank you for visiting our site, we greatly appreciate you taking your time to learn more about us. Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime via phone, text, email, or chat.


Danielle F.

Founder Retail Blackbook