What is MAP Pricing?

MAP Pricing, otherwise known as “Minimum Advertised Price”, is a pricing term used by certain “furniture manufacturers to protect their brand and ensure consistent pricing across various retailers.” This practice ensures that furniture cannot be sold below the manufacturer’s designated price, thus controlling the market and preventing customers from purchasing it at a lower price. It means store owners cannot try to attract buyers by lowering prices. Instead, they need to offer other value-added services such as delivery options and good customer service.

Not all furniture manufacturers have a MAP pricing program in place. Those that do, however, enforce the policy by requiring retailers to maintain a minimum advertised price (MAP) for their products. Retailers who sell these products cannot advertise prices lower than the set MAP price. Breaking this policy could result in losing the ability to sell the products in the future, so retailers rarely violate it.

How Retail Blackbook Gets Around This?

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