About Retail Blackbook

Retail Blackbook is Company who provides a new way to purchase home furnishings and products. We are a family-owned business whose main mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing them access to our unlimited supplies of products to make their homes as warm, stylish, and comfortable at the most affordable prices. Our members are allowed access to purchase ALL the same top of the line name brand products that you would see in a traditional retail store.

The difference is we offer these products at substantially lower prices. In many cases, the cost will be 50% lower than typical “Sale” prices you see advertisements for on television and in the newspapers. How are we able to do this? Well for starters, we know people. What we mean by that, is we have spent over 20 years building relationships and partnerships with hundreds of sales reps and companies to develop this very unique and exclusive club. We don’t try to make a profit on anything we sell. We earn our money through selling memberships. The prices we offer our members are in essence, the raw wholesale “cost” plus the freight. In addition, we add a small commission percentage to each piece.  If you appreciate finer things for your home, you’ve come to the right place!

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