A house becomes a home by incorporating quality pieces that fit your personal preferences and bring you joy. Furniture pieces are the anchor points in a room’s design and play a vital role in the space’s overall aesthetic. Like fashion, home furnishing styles are consistently evolving, and this article will highlight the latest furniture design trends in 2022. 

Natural Materials

As a result of the recent global pandemic and lockdown, people have been spending more time indoors than ever, and there is a massive appeal to “bring the outside in.” Adding indoor plants and incorporating lots of natural light is one way to introduce more life into a room, as well as use raw materials and textures.  To achieve the look outside-in look, opt for furniture pieces that feature natural wood, bamboo, and rattan instead of plastic and synthetic. These materials are seen in nature and possess a light, airy feel, making your space feel one with the outside world. Open frame pieces also allow more energy to flow throughout a room and feel less heavy. 

Mixed Textures and Finishes 

While symmetry and cohesion are principles for good design, excellent design is elevated by mixing textures and creating a well-balanced space. Furniture pieces crafted from mixed materials such as wood and granite are more appealing because of the contrast between the surfaces and finishes. Mixing fabrics like a leather pillow on an upholstered couch creates contrast and breaks up the individual items in a pleasing manner. This principle also applies when decorating a bookshelf or coffee table. Take a bookshelf, for example; if every shelf had the same number of items in the same color and finish, nothing would stand out, and the space would be wasted. Placing varying items in different colors, textures, and heights will balance the overall design. 

Convertible Furniture 

Individuals want to make the most use out of their spaces, and convertible furniture pieces are a functional and stylish solution. Small spaces are maximized by incorporating convertible furniture because one item can have multiple uses. While convertible furniture isn’t a new concept, more people choose these designs for their space-saving appeal. With more people working from home over the last year, many realized no space in their home was dedicated for an office. People were working from their kitchen tables, and the need for desks and office furniture increased. Many people did not have the space, choosing fold-out designs became popular, as well as coffee tables with lift-tops. 

Upcycling & DIY

Sustainability is an essential topic as of late, and more people are trying to make choices that help the environment. The upcycling trend has become increasingly popular, and people are often using items they already have or are purchasing second-hand items from thrift stores and yard sales. Upcycling is achieved by taking an existing or trashed item and re-using it to extend the life cycle of the piece. While some upcycling transformations are super complex, simply applying a fresh coat of paint to a table can instantly make it look clean and rejuvenated. Furniture is an investment, and with proper care, it can last for decades. The best materials for upcycling are non-bio-degradable items such as plastic and glass, because these items take much longer to decompose. Instead of sending these unsustainable items to landfills, they can be used for a different purpose and create less waste. 

Do it yourself (DIY) projects are continuing to evolve, and more and more people are getting the tools and learning the skills necessary to create their own furniture pieces. A popular DIY trend that inspires tons of people is the pallet bed because few materials are required, and the finished look is very pleasing. It’s very satisfying to complete a DIY project, and you gain more appreciation for the final product because you know the work that goes into it. DIY projects were also popular over the last year because everyone was home, and there finally was time to do things like updating kitchens and repainting bedrooms. Spending more time at home also helped people realize that their spaces were lacking in function, and it inspired them to make changes and create a space that they don’t mind spending all day in. 

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