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Retail Blackbook is an exclusive membership buying club who offers its members wholesale pricing on home furnishings.

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$35 / Month
  • No Enrollment Fee 
  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • Access to purchase all furniture & accessories at wholesale prices
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$195 / Year
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  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • Access to purchase all furniture & accessories at wholesale prices
Weekly Membership Grand Opening
$15 / Week
  • No Enrollment Fee
  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • Access to purchase all furniture & accessories at wholesale prices

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  • Concierge services
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I love this place; you will not find a better value!
- Jeff
Danielle was very helpful, and I highly recommend Retail Blackbook!
- Heidi

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Furniture is an important investment – you want to love your furniture and feel great about showing it off! One of my favorite classic frames is the chesterfield sofa. So, what exactly defines a chesterfield sofa? The Oxford dictionary defines chesterfield as, “A sofa with padded arms and a back of the same height and […]

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Furniture and Supply Chain Issues

Problems with global supply chains were supposed to be getting better by now. Instead, experts say they are getting worse.

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Furniture Trends in 2022

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Furniture Tips: Wood Different Wood Types Wood furniture falls into three categories: Solid Wood, Veneers, and Particle Board or Composite Wood. Solid wood furniture is typically more expensive than other types and looks great but can be susceptible to scratches and water rings. Veneers have an inexpensive wood base covered by several thin layers of […]

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“We were able to update the look in every room in the house by shopping in place. I highly recommend Retail Blackbook.”
“I love the yearly membership, as I can keep up with the trends and seasons, always keeping my house fresh and up to date!”
“I love Danielle and love Retail Blackbook – best company ever!!”